Hey there!!! 

Chances are if you are stopping by my blog it's because you also are a mom and interested in all things mommy, baby and toddler. Or it's because you've seen my Insta @foxandfoundblog and are in need of further proof that I do in fact survive day to day with two sets of twins. I do! Just barely! Luckily my mom brain hasn't totally gone to mush yet, and so as therapy (but also because I might have some really cool stuff to share) I started this little blog. To share about my life- things I've learned, things I love, things I'm still learning and things that inspire me. And hopefully to create real connection with others in the same mommy life boat. 

I'm Canadian born and raised (insert "eh" or hockey joke here) but Dallas and Laguna Beach dwelling. I've been married for 14 years to the same dude who I met when I was 18- lot's of blogs to come on this, and how we've managed to stay together for so long! We have two sets of twins who are our whole world and remind us everyday of God's amazing goodness. 

What I'm most excited to be writing about, is our recent decision to spend a year traveling the US and abroad for a year with our entire brood before our oldest two have to enroll in kindergarten full time. Who knows- if I love this experience as much as I'm hoping to, I may even decide to homeschool so we can take school with us on our travels! I'm excited to document this in photos, and little blurbs. My babies are growing so fast and I want to preserve every memory and moment while they are still little. I don't want to lose a single second of it! So thanks for visiting, and hopefully for following along on this journey of ours.