Madewell Shopping Party With We The Birds

When I heard there was going to be an actual MADEWELL store at Legacy West in Plano, excited would be an understatement for how I felt about this. I always buy my basics by Madewell at Nordstrom and not that the selection isn't stellar, but a whole store devoted to one of my favorite brands within driving distance is a definite plus! Not to mention this past Sunday the store had a shopping party hosted by WE THE BIRDS. If you live in Dallas and aren't familiar with these Macaron making artists and Influencers, you are about to be! We The Birds are like those cool girls in school that transcended any social clique or definition of "cool." Those girls that had something mysterious and unattainable about them that made them intimidating and fascinating at the same time. But when you finally got to meet them you realize in addition to all those things they are also the sweetest most sincere girls who you really just want to have a sleepover with! It was a pleasure to meet them and try their amazing selection of macarons. Piper may or may not have eaten at least half of them! lol. 


While Piper was busy eating all the macarons and Sawyer was busy shoplifting jewelry (so this actually happened but no worries, we put back everything he swiped and had a good chat about what it means to steal lol) I was busy looking for some summer staples. I was immediately drawn to their AUDIO TANKS. They are so thick and textured and super stretchy. I loved the retro stripe and if you find something you love and it comes in black and white- ALWAYS get em! 

These tanks are perfect with a pair of cut-offs and sneakers like these PLATFORM CHUCKS from Nordstrom. Piper picked out this adorable CANDY PINK BANDANA which I plan to borrow for this outfit. Anyone else get a strong 90s vibe from this whole ensemble? I could swear I wore this exact outfit my first day back to school in 7th grade. I seriously love it and it gives me all the nostalgic feels. 

Can't wait to head back here for another less kid-distracted shopping trip. If only We The Birds could be there all the time to hang and eat macarons with! Happy Shopping friends and be sure to check out WE THE BIRDS on insta for your daily dose of "way cooler than me but totally ok with it cause they're also so friggin' likable!" haha!