Circle Art For kids

One thing that is always going on in our house at any given time of day is drawing, coloring, painting or creating. I love to watch my kids express themselves through shapes, colors, drawings etc. Kids are pretty good at organically just pulling from their own imaginations but sometimes they need a bit of direction or a little push. This is where our experiment with "Circle Art" came in. Circles are one of the first shapes that kids learn to recognize and to recreate within their own doodlings so this activity is perfect for 3-4 year olds. And to help us out with our project we used our 78 PIECE CREATIVE WOOD ART SET by Art 101 USA. This particular set is available for purchase at Walmart and is perfect for all ages. 

Art 101-3.jpg

If you haven't heard of Art 101 and you have kids who love to color, draw, paint and create you are going to want to familiarize yourself with this brand! We have been using their products for a while now and I couldn't be happier with their quality. Everything they design is with children in mind and my kiddos especially love the multi-media kits to maximize their creativity. Sometimes they can get bored with using just one type of medium. By encouraging them to mix paint, with pastel, and crayons etc, their creativity blossoms and their attention span tends to increase quite significantly. It's a joy to watch them surprise themselves with what they can come up with! 

For our Circle Art Project I had Piper and Sawyer each search for things around the house that had a circle shape and that they could trace onto paper. I think their scavenger hunt for circle shaped items was just as exciting for them as the actual artwork! They came back with a whole assortment of items. The rest of this activity is so simple as a parent you can either participate or leave them to it. They simply trace the shape of their items or they can draw circles free hand. In our case I encouraged them to try overlapping their circles or to turn their circles into images like the sun etc. This ended up being a great exercise for us in terms of working on some manual dexterity as well as shape and color recognition. 

Art 101-15.jpg

The great thing about this art project is that it can be done on as large or as small a scale as you like. If you just need ten minutes of peace and quiet to make a phone call or do some banking all you need is paper and some circular items. If you are looking to keep the kids busy and engaged for a longer period of time then roll out the Kraft paper and have at it! 

As a busy mom another aspect I appreciate so much about this activity is that it can be as messy or as mess free as you like depending on what mediums you choose. We decided to include the watercolor paints that came included in our 78 Piece Creative Kit so needless to say it was a little more messy than it otherwise would have been. We spilled our water multiple times and since we weren't using a water color paper the colors bled quite a bit but we were actually quite thrilled with the effect it created. 

Since we used a huge roll of paper for our Circle Art when we were all finished we selected our favorite parts and cut them out to pin up on the fridge and our bulletin board.

Art 101-38.jpg

I'm excited to try this one again using triangles and other shapes! The possibilities are endless, especially with our mixed media art kit from Art 101 USA. Be sure to check out their wide selection of products geared towards kids on amazon, World Market, Target, and Walmart!