If you discovered Fox + Found chances are you are not only a savvy internet shopper, you are looking for baby and toddler fashions that dare to step outside the style status quo. This is the very inspiration behind Fox + Found. 

With the active, free-spirited and sometimes trouble-making child in mind, Fox + Found has carefully curated a selection of apparel that nods to this rebel of yours. Within every child exists a wild and boundary-pushing imagination. No matter where this spunk takes them, their style should help cultivate their creativity by offering them the physical comfort they need for jumping, rolling, crawling, running, dancing and generally just being awesome. Every detail of every piece of clothing is carefully considered. From fit to feel to function, each one carries with it a desire to collaborate with your child’s wild. 

Whether it’s a car seat, stroller, highchair or crib, kids spend the better part of their day restrained by something or in some way- we think their clothes should at least offer them the freedom that their physical environments can’t always in hopes that perhaps their style becomes more than just a statement, but a state of being.

My twins are spirited and constantly in motion. As they went from sitting to crawling, I realized how important their clothes were to this transition. It didn’t sit well with me, to watch them have to work against restrictive denim, bulky waistbands, and straining buttons to make this milestone. As they began walking, the importance of offering them a nonrestrictive style became even more important. Babies need to crawl and kids need to run; their clothes shouldn’t hinder them in those respects.
— Christine Wright, Co-Founder of Fox + Found